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SaveHistogramToSerializedStream method

Saves the histogram of the loaded image to a serialized memory stream. This stream is a binary representation of the histogram image object. You can use this function to transfer histogram images from an image object to another image object. The stream cannot be used to save an image to a file, because the stream does not contain a valid image format like JPEG, PNG or BMP. If you want to do that, use the SaveHistogramToStream method instead.


Stream SaveHistogramToSerializedStream(nWidth As Number, nHeight As Number, nBackgroundColor As Number, nGraphColor As Number, nBackgroundOpacity As Number, nGraphOpacity As Number, nChannel As Channel)

Return value

Returns a stream with the binairy data.


nWidthNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the width of the histogram.
nHeightNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the height of the histogram.
nBackgroundColorNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the graph background color.
nGraphColorNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the graph bar color.
nBackgroundOpacityNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the opacity of the graph background.
nGraphOpacityNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the opacity of the graph bar.
nChannelChannel (Enumeration)NoOptional parameter which specifies the color channel.



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