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Classic ASP website example written in Visual Basic

Marblecore Imaging is a great solution if you need high quality image processing functionality in your web projects. In the following example we show you how to implement the library in a classic ASP website. The example is written in VBScript and contains two files. The file 'stream.asp' shows you how to use the library to process images and stream it to the client. The file 'embed.asp' shows how to load an image, do some image processing and display the result directly in the browser.


Classic ASP website example written in Visual Basic


To run this example you need a Windows computer with IIS and install the ATL version of the library.


Download the example below and extract all files from the ZIP-file. Configure the IIS webserver to display the contents of the extracted folder and request the files 'embed.asp' and 'stream.asp' in your browser.
Download this example | MarblecoreImaging-Example-ASP-VBScript.zip

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