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EffectShadow method

Creates a shadow behind the image canvas.


Boolean EffectShadow(nSize As Number, nBlur As Number, nColor As Number, nOpacity As Number, nAngle As Number, bKeepSize As Boolean)

Return value

Returns true if the function succeeded.


nSizeNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the size of the shadow.
nBlurNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the blur of the shadow.
nColorNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the shadow color.
nOpacityNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the opacity of the shadow.
nAngleNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the angle of the shadow.
bKeepSizeBooleanNoOptional parameter which enables or disables automatic resizing of the image. If this parameter is true, the orginial image width and height are retained.


The example below shows the effect of this method and how to use it. You can slide the marker in the before/after picture to see the difference. If you take a look at the example code, assume there is a reference to the Marblecore Imaging object with the name 'MarblecoreImaging'. Transparent parts of the image are displayed using a checkerboard pattern.
1 // Load the specified image in memory
2 MarblecoreImaging.LoadFromFile("example-effectshadow-before.jpg");
4 // Execute the operation
5 MarblecoreImaging.EffectShadow(5, 15, 0, 50);
7 // Save the modified image to the specified file
8 MarblecoreImaging.SaveToFile("example-effectshadow-after.jpg");



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