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LoadFromSerializedStream method

Loads an image from a serialized memory stream. You have to supply a stream which is created using the Serialize method.


Boolean LoadFromSerializedStream(pStream As Stream)

Return value

Returns true if the function succeeded.


pStreamStreamYesPointer to the serialized memory stream.


The LoadFromSerializedStream method can be used to load a copy of another image object. In the example below we show you how to use this method.
1 // Create the first image and draw a red rectangle on it
2 Imaging1.Create(200, 200);
3 Imaging1.DrawRectangleFilled(0, 0, 200, 200, Imaging1.GetColorFromHTML("#ff0000"));
5 // Load a copy of the image in Imaging1 to Imaging2
6 Imaging2.LoadFromSerializedStream(Imaging1.Serialize());


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