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Windows Script Host example

You can use Marblecore Imaging in combination with Windows Script Host to create scripts to process and/or generate images. These scripts are very easy to build and can be executed from the command line. Great for batch processing images. In the following example we show you how. The example contains two scripts. A simple script to create an image and save it to a file and a batch processer to automatically process all images in a given directory.


Windows Script Host example


To run this example you need a Windows computer (Windows 2000 or higher) and install the ATL version of the library.


Download the example below and extract all files from the ZIP-file. Execute the included batch (*.bat) files to execute the example scripts. Open the script files (*.js) with a normal text editor to view the source code.
Download this example | MarblecoreImaging-Example-WindowsScriptHost.zip

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