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Deserialize method

Deserializes a memory stream to the bitmap. If no image is currently loaded, a new image is created. You have to supply a stream which is created using the Serialize method. If you want to load a normal image from a stream, use the LoadFromStream method instead.


Boolean Deserialize(pStream As Stream)

Return value

Returns true if the function succeeded.


pStreamStreamYesPointer to the stream.


The Deserialize method can be used to create a quick copy of an image object to another image object. In the example below we use this method to create a copy of the first image object to the second object.
1 // Create the first image and draw a red rectangle on it
2 Imaging1.Create(200, 200);
3 Imaging1.DrawRectangleFilled(0, 0, 200, 200, Imaging1.GetColorFromHTML("#ff0000"));
5 // Create a copy of the image in Imaging1 to Imaging2
6 Imaging2.Deserialize(Imaging1.Serialize());


Basic operations

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