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DrawCurveGradient method

Draws a gradient filled cardinal spline curve on the specified position on the image using the specified color, style and opacity.


Boolean DrawCurveGradient(strPoints As String, nColorA As Number, nColorB As Number, nOpacityA As Number, nOpacityB As Number, nGradient As Gradient, nTension As Number, bAntiAliasing As Boolean)

Return value

Returns true if the function succeeded.


strPointsStringYesSpecifies the points for the curve as a string. Each point pair is separated with a semicollon (;). Within each point the horizontal and vertical coordinate is separated with a comma (,). Example string: 0,100; 25,50; 50,0; 100,100.
nColorANumberYesSpecifies the first color for the gradient.
nColorBNumberYesSpecifies the second color for the gradient.
nOpacityANumberNoOptional parameter containing the opacity percentage (where 0% is completely transparent) for the first color.
nOpacityBNumberNoOptional parameter containing the opacity percentage (where 0% is completely transparent) for the second color.
nGradientGradient (Enumeration)NoOptional parameter containing the gradient style. Can be one of the following values:
nTensionNumberNoSpecifies how tightly the curve bends through the coordinates of the cardinal spline. Default value is 10. Zero (0) means lines without curves.
bAntiAliasingBooleanNoOptional parameter enabling or disabling anti-aliasing. Enabled by default.


The example below shows how to use the method. If you take a look at the example code, assume there is a reference to the Marblecore Imaging object with the name 'MarblecoreImaging'. Transparent parts of the image are displayed using a checkerboard pattern.
1 // Creates a new transparent image
2 MarblecoreImaging.Create(150, 150, true);
4 // Execute the operation
5 MarblecoreImaging.DrawCurveGradient("25,75; 75,25; 125,75", 16711680, 65280);
7 // Save the modified image to the specified file
8 MarblecoreImaging.SaveToFile("example-drawcurvegradient.jpg");



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