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This page contains a list of all enumerations. Click on an enumeration name for details.
AlignmentSpecifies the different horizontal alignment options mostly used for text alignment.
AnchorSpecifies the anchor position which will be used for the transformation.
CapSpecifies the caps for ending lines which are drawed.
ChannelSpecifies the color channel to use.
ColorTypeSpecifies the color type to use for the effect.
DashSpecifies the dash style to use when drawing dotted lines.
FillSpecifies the filling technique to use.
FormatSpecifies the imaging format to use. Some formats are only available if the web filter is disabled. This filter prevents the library from loading images which are not suitable for web purposes. Some formats are only available for reading and cannot be used to save files in that particular format.
GradientSpecifies the gradient direction to use for drawing.
MaskSpecifies the mask mode.
OffsetSpecifies options for the offset filter effect.
OrientationSpecifies the orientation of the drawing cursor.
PenSpecifies the pen style to use then drawing lines.
ResampleSpecifies the resample alogorithm which should be used when the image is resized. For more information take a look at:
ResizeSpecifies the resize method to use when resizing the image. This option enables or disables maintaining the aspect ratio.
RotationSpecifies the rotation method which is used. When an image is rotated the resulting image will be slightly (depending on the rotating angle) bigger than the original. The values below specify how the engine should handle this image growth.
StateRepresents a boolean value (true or false) or uses the default value (default).
ThumbnailSpecifies the thumbnail effect to use. There are built-in effects which can be applied when a thumbnail is created. These effects can be usefull to create elegant and sophisticated thumbnail views of images.
ToneSpecifies the color tones to use.
VideoSpecifies options for the video filter.

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