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Resample enumeration

Specifies the resample alogorithm which should be used when the image is resized. For more information take a look at:

If you use the ATL COM version of the library, you can supply the string value (the name of the value) or the number value (as listed in the table below) as the enumeration value. If you use the Class Library, the enumeration is available as an enum object with the name MarblecoreImagingResample which contains all the available values.


Bicubic0Resample using bicubic resampling (
BicubicSmoother1Resample using bicubic resampling with smoother output
BicubicSharper2Resample using bicubic resampling with sharper output
Bilinear3Resample using bilinear resampling (
NearestNeighbor4Resample using nearest neighbor resampling (

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