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FileThumbnail method

Resizes the specified image file to fit within the specified width and height while maintaining aspect ratio.


Boolean FileThumbnail(strFile As String, nWidth As Number, nHeight As Number, nEffect As Thumbnail, nBackgroundColor As Number, bWebFilter As Boolean, strSaveAs As String, nFormat As Format)

Return value

Returns true if the function succeeded.


strFileStringYesString containing the path of the file.
nWidthNumberYesMaximum width of the image (or 0 to ignore this parameter).
nHeightNumberNoOptional parameter which specifies the maximum height of the image (or 0 to ignore this parameter).
nEffectThumbnail (Enumeration)NoOptional parameter containing the thumbnail effect to use.
nBackgroundColorNumberNoOptional parameter containing the background color to use if a special thumbnail effect is applied.
bWebFilterBooleanNoOptional parameter which enables or disables the internet filter. If this parameter is true only web formats are accepted (GIF, JPEG, PNG).
strSaveAsStringNoOptional string containing the output file.
nFormatFormat (Enumeration)NoOptional parameter which specifies the desired file format.


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