Image processing, the right way.

We’ve looked for the right imaging component many times over and had to work with incomplete or flaky solutions every time. Until we developed the right solution ourselves and turned the tables… We’ve been using our Marblecore Imaging Library for several years now and just felt we had to share it with you. - The Marblecore team

True alpha transparency

Superb and integral 32-bit alpha transparency support throughout the library.

Lots of filters & effects

48 high quality filters and 9 effects like red eye correction, lens flare and inner glow.

Drawing & transforming

Skew your image, straighten the horizon of it and draw complex shapes and text.

Getting started

Start using the library right away and see how easy it is to implement into your own projects:
Browse through these resources to get yourself familiarized quickly:

Smart color adjustments

Correct the color level and adjust the lightness, saturation and much more.

Histogram generation

Use histograms to judge the brightness of an image and create histogram graphs.

EXIF information

Read EXIF information to retrieve the camera model, exposure time and more.

Masks & textures

Create and apply 32-bit alpha masks to transform images and apply textures.

Easy stream & file handling

Load & save files on disk and from URL's or use streams to open and save images.

Captcha drawing

Instantly draw advanced colorful captchas with one simple function call.

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Looking for a state of the art, fast and easy to use imaging library with true and integral 32-bit alpha transparency support? Stop searching. Our Marblecore Imaging Library is the right solution. Check out why.